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Frequently Asked Questions


If you’ve got an allergy, please be sure to let us know and we’ll advise on what’s available for you to enjoy from our menu.

Gluten-free options?

We’ve got a bunch of gluten-free options on our mains menu. Try our mixed bean chili or roasted veggie bowl. Tuck into the hummus bowl or ‘build your own’ bowl from our traditional menu and make it just the way you like.

Do you have vegan options?

Sure thing! Any item on the menu marked with a leaf symbol is fully vegan.

Do you cater for children?

Yup! We have a kids menu: pick from a chicken or veggie meal served with sweet potato fries and salad – followed by ice cream for €5.

Please be aware our food is a little bit spicy. If you talk with your server they can help you build a mild meal – for example, the mini cheesy quesadillas.

How spicy are your dishes?

We’ve marked each dish with a chilli symbol so you can judge how spicy it will be. One chilli shows a lil’ bit of spice, whilst three chillies mean it’s got a good kick to it.

If you’d like even more spice in your life, try adding one of our homemade hot sauces onto your dish.

Home-made hot sauces?

Our homemade hot sauces will deliver a spice package like no other.

They’re fully vegan and gluten free, made with authentic chillies, such as ancho, habanero and chipotle chillis from Mexico. We’ve also got a few guest chillies such as the Carolina Reaper that make an appearance in our creations.

However, for the more delicate burrito lovers out there, we’re also got our magnificently mild mango and pineapple sauce.

What dishes contain cilantro/coriander?

Not a fan of cilantro? Our vegan chilli and our chickpea mix that’s the veggie option in our ‘build your own’ menu don’t contain any.

Added to this, the roasted pepper salsa and tomato salsa are cilantro-free too.

Loyalty Cards?

We have loyalty cards to reward our most addicted burrito fans. After you’ve joined us for 9 meals, the 10th is on us.

Napkin Art?

Whilst waiting for your order, draw a piece of art on a napkin to join our wall of fame.

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